Adizes Management Styles

The fundamental role of management for any team, department, company, family, or even country, can be defined by just four basic functions. If an organization can develop these four roles, then it will be successful over the short as well as the long term. The understanding of these functions and how to develop them in an organization is therefore essential knowledge for management.


The management style of a person can also be understood using these four ingredients. At the highest level, we find people with a management style (style is different to character) that could be described as predominately:

  • Producer
  • Administrator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Integrator

The key to the Adizes Management Styles, is understanding that no single person can be great at all four roles, at the same time. It takes a complimentary team of these management styles to be truely effective and efficient in the short and the long term.


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Comparing Adizes Management Style to Other Styles

Management style and work personality has been studied by scores of researchers over the last hundred years. Like many others, the Adizes model is based on the pioneering work of Dr. Carl Jung. Like Adizes, all Jungian-based constructs call for four basic management styles.

The Adizes model has 3 advantages over most of these other models:

When we use this model in organizations, we find that everyone from the CEO to the janitor can understand and apply it. Behavioral psychologists and other professionals may object to the lack of sophistication of this model, but we see its simplicity as an asset.

Since 1971, the Adizes model has been applied in thousands of organizations all over the world that range in size from start-ups to the Global 100. Clients have found it to be a highly accurate and useful representation of how people really work.

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